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Periodontal treatment focuses on the supporting structure of the teeth and the diseases and conditions that affect the gum and bones supporting the teeth. Periodontal disease starts with an infection of the gums and the gums become inflamed because of the bacterial that is found in plaque. Inflammation of the gums, bone damage and tooth loss are all causes of periodontal disease. Some attributing factors of periodontal disease are:

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  •     Poor Nutrition
  •     Smoking or Tobacco Use
  •     Stress
  •     Pregnancy
  •     Genetics
  •     Diabetes
  •     Medication

Periodontistis and Gingivitis are two forms of periodontal disease. The mildest form is gingivitis and the gums become red, swollen and will bleed easily. Practicing good oral hygiene and treatment from Dr. Labrecque and Dr. Charles can reverse the results of gingivitis. 

Periodontistis, is a more aggressive or chronic form of periodontal disease. Signs of this are rapid bone destruction and in patients who have good overall health. The most common form of periodontal disease is chronic periodontitis and is generally found in adults. Chronic periodontitis is a slowly progressing disease and signs include gum recession and pocket formations.

Treatment and Prevention

Preventing periodontal disease is best done with good oral hygiene and regular visits with Dr. Labrecque and Dr. Charles. Good oral hygiene includes daily brushing and flossing to keep plaque at a minimum, and professional dental cleanings at least twice a year. 

In cases where general treatment have been ineffective, surgical treatment is recommended.  Pocket reduction, soft tissue grafts and bone regeneration are some of the surgical procedures advised for treatment of periodontal disease. In cases where tooth loss has occurred, dental implants are an option.


2 South Main Street

Manchester, NY 14504


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